Concept 2 Rowing Machines

Concept2 has been making rowing machines for more than 30-years. The company was started by Olympic oarsmen Dick and Pete Dreissigacker who initially made composite rowing oars and then designed their first rowing machine in the early 80s.

Concept2 rowers are now synonymous with indoor rowing and are the preferred rowing for most rowing enthusiasts – indoor or on the water. Concept2 rowers are the rowing machine used in various indoor rowing regattas including the annual CRASH B world indoor rowing championships.

There are (or have been) five major incarnations of the Concept2 rowing machine, often referred to as ergometers which is usually shortened to ergs. Model A was the first machine produced and in place of the now common fan, a bicycle wheel was used for resistance.

Over the subsequent years, Concept2 has released models B through to E and while the most recent models have not changed that much, the performance monitor, C2’s name for their onboard rowing computer, has been improved. There are currently two performance monitors available – PM3 and PM4 – both provide very valuable feedback on your rowing workouts although PM4 offers more functions.

All Concept2 rowers use a large fan for resistance, the airflow which is controlled using a damper. When opened fully, airflow to the fan is increased and so too is the resistance and when closed, restricted airflow reduces the resistance. This simple but effective system is all but maintenance-free however periodic cleaning of the air intake will keep the fan free from dust and functioning smoothly.

To drive the fan, Concept2 rowers use a chain, not unlike a bicycle drive chain. Virtually unbreakable and very smooth, the occasional drop of oil will keep the chain in good working order for many years to come.

The person using the rower sits on a contoured seat that travels on rollers guided by a rail. The rail is finished to a very high standard which produces an extremely smooth movement.

Concept2 rowers are customizable and there are alternative seats and handles available so you can choose to make your rowing experience more comfortable although it’s worth noting that the factory-fitted seats and handles are excellent. Rowers can also be mounted on a sliding device which means the rowing machine moves beneath you – much like how a rowing boat behaves on water.

There are currently three C2 models available – model D, model E, and the Dynamic. Model D is a low profile machine that sits quite close to the floor and is ideally suited for light commercial or home use whereas model E has a higher profile, greater ground clearance, and is suitable for heavy commercial use. Of the two, Model E is the more expensive. Model D can be supplied with C2’s PM3 or PM4 performance monitor while model Es are supplied with the PM4.

Priced similarly to the model E, C2’s newest rower, the Dynamic, uses the same C2 fan for resistance but the machine is designed very differently in that the footrests and handle move but the person using the machine stays virtually stationary. This makes the dynamic look and feel like a model D or E mounted on slides and is supposed to be the next best thing to rowing on water.

All new Concept2 rowers are supplied with C2’s comprehensive warranty which covers the frame for five years and the performance monitor and all moving parts for two years. There is also a 30-day money back guarantee in case you should be unhappy with your purchase.

Concept2 rowers are arguably the best rowing machines currently available. Hardwearing, long-lasting, simple to use, and easy to care for, Concept two rowers continue to be the number one choice for serious rowers.