Rowing is a great way to get fit, lose weight and strengthen all of your major muscles using one effective exercise machine. It´s an effective form of exercise that´s safe and easy on your joints. And if you´re really getting into it, this workout could develop into a competitive sport.

Rowing can also be practiced indoors: rowing machines are quiet in use, hardwearing, easy to maintain and provide excellent value for money. The indoor rower is suitable for all members of your household irrespective of their current fitness level.

We´ve finally published our expert guide on the best rowing machines in the market:

What are the benefits?

Rowing, whether you choose to use an indoor rowing machine or head out onto the water, is arguably one of the best forms of exercise around. No other form of exercise comes close in terms of effectiveness or efficiency. Rowing works all of your major muscles as well as your heart and lungs which means that every workout will make the most of your valuable time and energy.

Rowing machine benefits

How many calories can you burn rowing?

Rowing is also a supreme calorie burner so it will help you reach and maintain your ideal weight in just a few workouts a week. With such a large percentage of the population overweight or obese, this is good news indeed.

Burn calories and loose weight on the rowing machine

Is rowing the best cardio machine?

There are other cardio machines you can use to get and stay fit and lean but, in our opinion, the rower is the best option by far. Check out these informative articles to learn just how good a workout rowing is.

What is the best cardio machine?

Best rowing machines reviews

Some people are happy enough using the rowing at their local gym but, for many exercisers, a rower makes for the ideal at-home workout machine.

Having your own rowing machine means you never need to miss a workout because you are short of time, that you never have to wait for the machine you want to use to become available when the gym is crowded, that you can work out any time of the day or night and that you and your family can get fit and stay fit in the comfort of your own home.

As rowing machines are generally hardwearing and long-lasting, it pays to seek out the best machine you can afford – one that you will enjoy using for many years to come. There are literally hundreds of rowing machines on the market and while some are excellent, others are considerably less so and it’s not necessarily the case that more expensive is better.

To help you select the right machine for your requirements, we have reviewed the best rowing machines on the market so you can make an informed, educated choice before you part with your hard-earned cash. Each review covers important information including value for money, features, storability and ease of use so you can easily compare one rower to another.

Rowing machine reviewsBest Rowing Machines

How to use a rowing machine?

Rowing doesn’t require much in the way of skill, in fact it’s very easy to learn, but using a rowing machine incorrectly could reduce the effectiveness of your workouts and could even result in injury.

We want to you stay injury-free and get the most from each and every workout so you’ll find lots on easy to understand information on how to safely and effectively use your rowing machine and how to row using good technique. It won’t take you long to become a masterful rower but these articles are designed to make the process as quick and easy as possible.

Once you are rowing like a pro your fitness levels will start to noticeably improve. To help you continue to make progress, we’ve also provided you with a guide to the many different types of workout you can do on a rowing machine.

Whether you are a novice rower or an experienced oarsman is dedicated to helping you get the most out of your rowing workouts and promoting fitness rowing in general.