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To help you select the right machine for your requirements, we have reviewed the best rowing machines on the market so you can make an informed, educated choice before you part with your hard-earned cash. Each review covers important information including value for money, features, storability and ease of use so you can easily compare one rower to another.

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Best Rowing Machines Reviewed

Coronavirus April 2021 UPDATE: Please be aware that due to the current coronavirus pandemic and the restrictions that are still in place in certain areas of the world it may be more difficult to purchase specific machines you may be interested in.

Demand for rowing machines is high as many people are now working out from home and many machines are out of stock with companies unable to manufacture new machines.

Where possible we have tried to include multiple options within our reviews as to where you can purchase your machine of interest from a trusted seller. But even so, you may still have to wait or ask to be notified when your rower is back in stock.

Also, you may notice that the cost of certain machines has gone up. With such high demand, this was bound to happen. Threat not, as you can always search to find a rower second hand.

What Are The Best Rowing Machines?

Buying a rowing machine can be a daunting prospect. There is a huge range of rowers to choose from with different companies offering various models. It’s difficult to know where to start. Our rowing machine reviews will help bridge the gap between your interest and final purchase by making the decision-making process as simple as possible. 

To get you off to a headstart, here are our top recommendations. 

The gold standard for rowing machines is the Concept2 Model D and Model E. These are the rowing machines that you will find in most gyms, health clubs, and CrossFit boxes across the world. And there’s a good reason for that. It’s a beast of a machine that will not disappoint you. 

Concept2 is a great company that has been creating quality products since the 80s. If you have around $1000 to spend then we suggest you start by reading our review for the Model D. If you can afford it and aren’t looking to be thrilled with all the bells and whistles of the flashier machines then we may have found your winner from the get-go. 

If your heart is set on a Concept2 but you don’t quite have the money to buy a brand new one, check out our complete guide on how to buy a used Concept 2

If you’re interested in popular opinion then the best selling rowing machine on Amazon is the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW55515 Magnetic Rower which is also a much more affordable option than the Concept2. Use our review filter above to find other low-budget rowers that may interest you. 

If you love interactive workouts and have the budget to splurge then the top two machines to look at are the Hydrow rower and the Ergatta rower. We have in-depth reviews on both of these rowers that will help determine which one you prefer (and although priced the same, they are very different machines).  

If you need further assistance on what to look for when purchasing a rowing machine then please read our rowing machine buyers guide and take a look at our list of the best machines on the market for all budgets.

How We Write Our Rowing Machine Reviews

Want to know how we write our rower reviews? All of our reviews (and content in general) is written by fitness experts who have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry. We want to create reviews that are helpful and easy to follow. 

To do this, we determined a similar structure and format that we apply to all of our reviews so that you can easily compare individual rowers head to head and obtain all the information you need to help with your decision. 

Each rowing machine we review is given a star rating out of 5. This rating is based on several aspects; the display functionality, the overall build quality, comfort when in use, warranty, and of course, price and value. 

Please note, we are a professional review site and all opinions expressed are that of the reviewer based on their own experiences and research on other user’s experiences. We believe this is the best way to give you a well-rounded unbiased review. You can learn more about our experts by going to our about page. We do not receive (nor do we accept) any form of payment to complete or alter any reviews published on this site. We may receive compensation when you purchase a product via one of our links at no extra cost to you. 

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