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Peloton Row Review: The Wait Is Over!


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The much-anticipated Peloton Row delivers big time with some unique hardware innovations, and the quietest rowing machine operation you will find anywhere. It also includes personal pace targets to adjust the difficulty level of every class, form assist real-time monitoring, and a 24-inch HD screen that tilts 25 degrees vertically and 45 degrees horizontally. On top of all of that, it gives you a smooth, seamless rowing experience that is on par with the Concept2.

Here at Start Rowing we include products we think are useful for our readers. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission.

  • Form assist live form feedback
  • Customized pace targets
  • Stores upright
  • Whisper quiet
  • Shipping and set up free of charge
  • Front mounted speakers
  • Expensive
  • Requires monthly subscription
  • Short warranty
  • No finance option

Hey everyone,

Let’s talk about the seismic shift that’s rocked the fitness world. The landscape of home workouts has been revolutionized, and it’s clear that rowing machines are now at the forefront of this transformation. 

Thanks to the pandemic, we’ve seen a surge in the popularity of home fitness equipment, as people sought new ways to stay fit without stepping foot in a gym. 

The Peloton Row stands out as a game-changer in this booming market, embodying the evolution of home fitness with its cutting-edge design and immersive technology.

Now, Peloton is a name that’s become synonymous with at-home workouts, primarily through their wildly popular bikes. But with the introduction of the Peloton Row, they’re diving into new waters. There’s a palpable buzz of anticipation, as consumers are eager to see if this machine can live up to the hype.

As someone who’s spent countless hours testing and reviewing fitness gear, I’ve had my hands on a wide range of rowers, and I’m here to give you the lowdown on the Peloton Row. 

So, if you’re pumped to find out whether this rowing machine deserves a spot in your home gym, stay tuned. 

This Peloton Row review will offer you an in-depth look at its features, usability, and how it stacks up in the crowded market of home fitness equipment. 

Let’s dive in.

Main Takeaways

The Peloton Row is designed to integrate seamlessly into the Peloton ecosystem, providing a full-body workout that’s both effective and engaging. With world-class instructors leading the way, it aims to revolutionize home fitness with its interactive features.

The Rower is a great option for those who:

  • Are already fans of the Peloton ecosystem and love the integrated fitness experience it offers.
  • Are willing to invest in premium fitness equipment that not only looks good but is packed with the latest technology for an immersive workout.
  • Have the financial flexibility to afford high-end fitness solutions and see value in the unique features and community that come with Peloton products.

The Rower may not be the best fit for those who:

  • Are not particularly drawn to the Peloton brand or its subscription-based content and community.
  • Prefer to explore more affordable or non-subscription-based fitness equipment.
  • Are looking for a straightforward, no-frills rowing machine without the need for interactive classes or advanced tech features.

Bottom Line:  

If you’re already riding the Peloton wave and have the wallet to back up your fitness dreams, the Peloton Row is your next “must-have.” It’s not just fitness gear; it’s a statement piece, loaded with the tech and community vibes that Peloton junkies crave. On the flip side, if Peloton’s premium club isn’t your scene or your budget’s screaming for mercy, you’ll find plenty of other rowers that’ll get the job done without the fancy frills or the hefty price tag.

Unboxing the Peloton Row

The anticipation of peeling back the layers of packaging to reveal the sleek machine inside is a thrill in itself. Peloton doesn’t mess around with shipping; they ensure that your new fitness partner arrives without a scratch. It’s like they wrapped your Row in a cocoon, designed to withstand just about any shipping shuffle. 

However, let me give you a heads-up: some users have mentioned the handlebar can be a bit on the slippery side. It’s something to keep in mind, especially if you’re used to the grippy texture of other rowing machine handles. You might want to consider some gloves or wrap if you find it bothersome during those intense rowing sessions.

Now, let’s get down to the nuts and bolts – quite literally. Assembling the Peloton Row is a breeze. You don’t need a whole toolbox; just a few basic tools, and you’re good to go. 

The instructions are clear, so you won’t find yourself scratching your head or flipping through pages trying to figure out which screw goes where.

But, and it’s a sizable but, you’re going to need space. This machine is long, which means you’ll need a dedicated spot for it. Before you start assembling, scout out a good location. 

And here’s a pro tip: think ahead about where you’ll store it. The Peloton Row can stand upright, saving you floor space when not in use. However, you need a minimum ceiling height of eight feet to accommodate its stature – so, measure twice, assemble once!

Speaking of storage, when you do flip the Peloton Row on its head to store it, it’s like watching a bit of fitness magic. It’s a space-saver for sure, but remember the ceiling height requirement. It’s not exactly a small detail if you’re living in a place with lower ceilings. It’s a bit of a Goldilocks scenario – make sure your space is just right.

First Impressions: Is It Love at First Row?

Once assembled, it’s hard not to admire the sleek design of the Peloton Row. It looks futuristic, almost like it belongs in a sci-fi movie rather than your home gym. But aesthetics aside, how does it feel to use? 

Firstly, it’s a solid piece of equipment. The build quality screams durability, and it’s clear that Peloton didn’t skimp on materials. The seat glides smoothly, the resistance feels consistent, and the overall experience is… well, it’s Peloton.

But let’s circle back to that handlebar situation. If you’re coming from a rower with a more tactile grip, you’ll notice the difference. It’s not a deal-breaker for me, but it’s something to be aware of, especially during a sweaty workout when grip matters the most.

Design and Features

When you’re in the zone, rowing your heart out, the last thing you want is a cacophony of mechanical noise. That’s where this rowing machine really shines. Its operation is whisper quiet, a feature that’s not just impressive but also a standout in the crowded rowing machine marketplace. 

For those early morning or late-night workouts, when you’re trying to keep the peace with roommates or family, this is a game-changer.

From the get-go, the build quality screams durability. There’s a distinct absence of that cheap, plasticky feel you might get with lesser machines. Instead, you’re greeted with a robust frame that’s ready to take on your most vigorous workouts. 

And let’s talk about that screen. It’s a beauty. Positioned perfectly, the large, clear display is easy on the eyes, and the color quality is a nice touch. Sure, the sound quality dips a bit at higher volumes, but overall, it’s decent, offering a satisfactory range from bass to treble.

Now, onto the cool tech stuff. The machine is packing some serious innovation with features like Form Assist and personal pace targets. And that 23.8” swiveling touchscreen? Impressive, though it’s worth noting it only rotates 45 degrees to each side. It might not be the full rotation you get with the bike, but it’s still plenty functional.

Calibration Process: Tailored to You

One of the first things you’ll do is calibrate the machine, and it’s not your run-of-the-mill setup. This process is like having a personal coach, providing real-time feedback that actually improves your rowing technique. 

Initially, you might find the resistance a bit jarring, but post-calibration, it’s like rowing through butter – ultra smooth and near silent.

This is where the Peloton Row flexes its tech muscles. Real-time form tracking is a beast of a feature, exceeding what most would expect from an indoor rower. We’re not just talking about tracking your strokes; this is about perfecting form, with sensors that are so seamlessly integrated, they feel like an extension of your body.

The Form Assist feature? It’s like having a rowing guru at your fingertips, guiding you stroke by stroke. Fitness coaches are already singing its praises, especially for its help in boosting form ratings from average (50-60%) to excellent (over 90%) in a matter of weeks.

Real-Time Metrics and Customization

For the data lovers out there, the display of rowing metrics is comprehensive. You’ve got everything from total distance to calories burnt. And with new settings like Drag Factor and Pace Target Level, you can customize your workout to a T. It’s all about giving you control over the intensity and resistance, with clear explanations on how to make those adjustments.

Specs Breakdown

As mentioned you’ll need a ceiling height of at least 8 feet if you plan to store this baby vertically. Trust me, you don’t want to skip on the vertical stow; it’s a real floor space saver. And for those of you who are like me, always ready to switch from rowing to a bootcamp session, an 8’ x 6’ workout footprint is non-negotiable. 

Now, let’s dive into how the Peloton Row keeps you wired in. We’re talking WiFi with the whole alphabet soup of 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, ANT+™ wireless, and Bluetooth® 5.0. 

Whether you’re syncing up your heart rate monitor or streaming a killer rowing playlist, the connectivity on this machine is as seamless as it gets. No more fumbling with cables or losing connection mid-sprint. 

Moving on to the build – we’ve got a rail of anodized and powder-coated aluminum paired with a hub of molded plastic that’s both sleek and sturdy. 

The embossed logo? That’s just the cherry on top. It’s not just about looking good, though; this construction means the Peloton Row is in it for the long haul and can stand up to sweat and tears. (Mostly sweat, but hey, we all have our days.)

Let’s chat about the screen. The Peloton Row flaunts a 23.8-inch 1080p HD touchscreen that’s more flexible than a yoga instructor – we’re talking 0-25° vertical and 0-45° horizontal tilts. Whether you’re tall, short, or somewhere in between, you’ll get the perfect view of those live metrics and scenic river rows. 

Here’s something we often overlook: power requirements. The Peloton Row is ready to plug and play with a universal AC input of 100-240Vac, 50-60 Hz. So, whether you’re rowing in a New York apartment or a Parisian studio, you won’t need to hunt down a voltage converter.

The foot stretcher is up next. Adjusting to fit women’s size 5 to men’s size 13.5, it’s got everyone covered. Secure feet are happy feet, especially when you’re pulling a 2k.

It can handle a height range from 4’11” to 6’5” and support up to 300 lbs. 

Just note, at 156.5 lbs, the Peloton Row isn’t something you’ll want to move solo. I recommend a workout buddy turned moving helper for this task. 

Finally, dimensions. The Peloton Row spans 7’10” L x 24” W, which is pretty much like adding a large couch to your space.

Having tested this machine, I’ve found the screen’s adjustability is perfect for my varying workouts, and the connectivity options keep my data in sync without a hitch. 

That being said, while the weight adds stability during intense sessions, it’s not something you’ll want to relocate frequently. It’s a commitment – think of it as the steadfast piece of your home gym puzzle.

Peloton Row Performance

What I first noticed when I hopped on this machine, is how the seat seems to take a page out of the Hydrow’s playbook – it’s very comfortable. I mean, we’re talking about a level of comfort that makes those longer rowing sessions feel less daunting. 

The seat is soft, inviting, and glides like a dream. It’s quiet, too, so if you’re trying to sneak in a workout while someone else is catching Z’s, you’re in luck.

However, it’s not all smooth sailing. If you’re on the taller side or your flexibility isn’t quite like Gumby, you might find the low seat position a bit of a challenge. Something to consider if you’re rocking a longer inseam or have some mobility issues.

Before you start pulling, you’ve got to get those feet secured. This is where the foot adjusters and Velcro straps come into play. They’ll keep you locked in place, which is key for getting that full-body workout without any slip-sliding away.

But, let’s talk about those with daintier feet. Unfortunately, the foot straps might feel like they’re designed for clown shoes if you’ve got smaller feet.

I’ve tried a few machines where the resistance feels about as smooth as riding a unicycle over cobblestones. Not here. The resistance on this bad boy is, quite frankly, ridiculously smooth. It’s like rowing through butter – no jerks, no jolts, just pure, unadulterated smoothness.

The rowing experience itself? Top-notch. It’s as seamless and natural as if you were out on the water on a calm day. It’s so quiet and smooth that you can zone out and just enjoy the rhythm of your row.

Boredom is the enemy of any fitness routine, and this machine understands that. With options ranging from high-energy studio rows to peaceful scenic rows, you’re spoilt for choice. 

Even if you decide not to go all-in with an all-access membership, you still get a free row session to play with – though I don’t recommend investing in a machine like this if you’re not going to sign up to the membership. 

Peloton Content and Membership

Let’s discuss what sets this machine apart – the form tracking. 

Picture this: sensors working overtime to give you live feedback on your rowing technique. We’re talking about a system that spots nine potential form faults. That’s like having a personal coach, minus the hovering presence. 

The post-workout analysis is incredibly detailed, too. But I’ll be real with you, some folks might find the constant monitoring a bit much. You can turn it off, sure, but then you’re missing out on that real-time tweak to perfect your form. It’s a trade-off.

When it comes to class selection, the machine has got you covered with its “Just Row” option, scenic rides, and a smorgasbord of workouts varying in length and type. 

They’ve recently upped the game with customizable features like drag factor/resistance setting and pace target. It’s a step in the right direction for personalization.

For those who thrive on a bit of friendly competition, the leaderboard is your new best friend. Want to know how you stack up against others? This is where you find out. 

The machine doesn’t skimp on workout data either – pace, output, stroke rate, it’s all there on display. And for those days when you need a change of scenery, the scenic rides whisk you away without needing an instructor to guide you. 

Now, if you’ve ever taken a spin on a Peloton bike, you’ll feel right at home with the rowing machine’s user interface. It’s intuitive, straightforward, and makes you wonder why everything can’t be this easy. 

The content? Pure Peloton pedigree. Instructor-led sessions with that signature blend of teaching and motivation that they’re known for. And while there are only five instructors at the bat right now, diversity is on the horizon. 

Speaking of instructors, let’s talk coaching quality. Peloton is bringing in fresh faces with legit rowing chops to the lineup. There’s a clear shift toward specialized rowing expertise, and I’m here for it. 

Now, I’ve had my time with gamified platforms like Ergatta and Aviron, and while they’re fun, they’re in a different league. Peloton’s coaching is about blending the fun with the fundamentals of rowing, and they’re striking a good balance. 

Is it Value for Money?

Let’s cut to the chase: the Peloton Row is a hefty investment, and I always recommend getting your hands on anything before you throw down that kind of cash. 

So if you can, swing by a Peloton showroom and give this machine a whirl. Trust me, you’ll want to feel that smooth glide and resistance firsthand. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to ask the staff any burning questions and see if that Peloton magic is worth your bucks.

Exploring Alternatives

Now, if you’re not quite sold on the Peloton Row or your wallet’s giving you the side-eye, there are some solid alternatives to consider. 

Hydrow and Aviron pack a punch with their immersive workout experiences. Aviron’s Strong Model at $2,199 and Strong Go at $1,599 offer a more wallet-friendly row. And then there’s the Ergatta at $2,499, Hydrow at $2,495, and the Hydrow Wave at $1,895, all of which won’t make as much of a dent as the Peloton Row’s $2,995 price tag.

Trial and Repairs: No Regrets Purchasing

One thing I appreciate about Peloton is their 30-day home trial. If it’s not a match made in fitness heaven, you can return it within that period, no problem. Keep in mind though, once you’re past the honeymoon phase (AKA the warranty period), any repairs are on you. 

Warranty and Protection Plans: Securing Your Investment

Peloton’s got you covered with a standard 12-month manufacturer’s limited warranty, which is pretty much the norm out there. But if you’re looking for long-term peace of mind, they offer a 48-month comprehensive plan. 

This is like the extended car warranty but for your rower – including accidental damage and surge protection. It’s an extra cost, but it could be worth it if you’re the “better safe than sorry” type.

Membership Cost: Subscription Showdown

Peloton’s All-Access Membership hits your bank account at $44 per month. But hey, that’s one subscription for all your Peloton gear – no extra charges for switching from your Bike to your Row. 

In comparison, Hydrow’s at about $38 per month. NordicTrack with iFit? That’ll be roughly $39 per month for the family plan. And Ergatta’s unique game-based workouts? You’re looking at $29 monthly. So, do the math and figure out which membership aligns with your workout style and budget.

Purchasing Considerations: The Peloton Premium

Alright, let’s talk about the elephant in the room: Peloton isn’t just selling a rowing machine; they’re selling an experience. 

If you’re all about that Peloton ecosystem and content, and maybe you’re eyeing a full Peloton-based home gym, then that premium price might just be justified for you. 

But if you’re not drinking the Peloton Kool-Aid, you might want to look at what else is out there that fits your goals and budget better.

Start Rowings Verdict

So, what’s the real deal with the Peloton Row from someone who’s actually put their back into it? 

It’s a solid piece of machinery that’ll delight any Peloton enthusiast. But like any high-end piece of equipment, it’s an investment. You’re buying into an experience, a community, and a level of quality that’s hard to match.

If you’re eyeing the Peloton Row, it’s probably because you’ve bought into that ecosystem and you love it. And there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s a top-tier machine that’ll give you the workout and the community you’re craving. 

But if you’re not quite ready to dive into the deep end of the Peloton pool, take a peek at the Hydrow Wave, Aviron Go, or the timeless Concept2 Row ERG. They might just float your boat.

In the end, it’s about finding that rowing machine that resonates with you. One that can be both a coach and a companion, that not only pushes you to your limits but also cruises along with you on those less intense days. 

This machine? It’s got potential. And with a little time, it could be the rowing partner you’ve been looking for. Keep an eye on it, and let’s see how it evolves.

Peloton Row FAQs

What is Peloton Row?

The Peloton Row is the newest addition to the Peloton family, an interactive rower that fits seamlessly into the Peloton ecosystem. The workouts are led by world-class instructors, aiming to offer an engaging and effective fitness experience.

How much does the Peloton Row cost? 

The cost of Peloton Row is set at $2,995, and this price includes the delivery of the product. Additionally, Peloton provides financing options for those who prefer to pay in installments.

Is there a trial period for the Peloton Row? 

Yes, Peloton offers a standard 30-day home trial for the Peloton Row. This trial period allows users to experience the product and decide if it meets their fitness needs before making a long-term commitment.

Can I cancel my preorder for Peloton Row? 

Customers have the option to cancel their preorder for the Peloton Row prior to the delivery of the product. This policy offers flexibility for those who may change their mind after placing a preorder.

When will I be charged for my preorder? 

Customers will be charged for their Peloton Row preorder either 5 days before the scheduled delivery date or 90 days after the purchase, depending on which comes first. This charging policy is designed to ensure that payment is processed in a timely manner relative to the delivery schedule.

Is the Peloton Row available for testing at showrooms? 

Yes, the Peloton Row is available for testing in showrooms. This opportunity allows potential buyers to try out the product firsthand before making a purchase decision.

Which membership is required for Peloton Row? 

To access the rowing content on the Peloton Row, an All-Access Membership is required. This membership provides users with unlimited access to Peloton’s extensive library of rowing classes and other fitness content.

If I have multiple Peloton products, do I need separate memberships? 

For households with multiple Peloton Rows, each rowing machine will require its own separate All-Access Membership. However, for those who own a Peloton Row alongside other Peloton equipment, a single All-Access Membership is sufficient to cover all equipment, excluding the additional Peloton Rows.

Peloton Row

The much-anticipated Peloton Row delivers big time with some unique hardware innovations, and the quietest rowing machine operation you will find anywhere. It also includes personal pace targets to adjust the difficulty level of every class, form assist real-time monitoring, and a 24-inch HD screen that tilts 25 degrees vertically and 45 degrees horizontally. On top of all of that, it gives you a smooth, seamless rowing experience that is on par with the Concept2.

Product Brand: Peloton

Product Currency: USD

Product Price: 2995

Product In-Stock: InStock

Editor's Rating:


  • Form assist live form feedback
  • Customized pace targets
  • Stores upright
  • Whisper quiet
  • Shipping and set up free of charge
  • Front mounted speakers


  • Expensive
  • Requires monthly subscription
  • Short warranty
  • No finance option
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