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Top Recumbent Bike Rowers: Best 2 in 1 Workout Machines

Rowing and cycling provide two of the best cardio work-outs. Now, imagine having just the one machine at home which could give you all the benefits of both these popular fitness forms.

What Is A Recumbent Bike/Rower?

A recumbent bike/rower offers a 2-in-1 product. By providing a machine that incorporates two disciplines you can add versatility to your home work-outs. 

You can benefit from the full-body workout of the rower while adding extra cardio and leg strengthening work on the recumbent bike element. If like me space is of the essence at home, having one machine instead of two could be a good space-saving option.

Let’s look at some of the best recumbent bike rowers available on the market. 

Stamina Conversion II Bike Rower

Stamina Conversion II Bike Rower

This rower may be a good machine for anyone looking for a multi-functional home gym option. The aluminum rowing beam provides you with a smooth, quiet row while the padded seat can be simply locked in to place when you want to switch to cycling mode. 

Design elements also let you use the rower to perform a range of resistance exercises including bicep curls and leg presses for an all-round fitness work-out.

There are eight magnetic resistance settings to test yourself on, while a large multifunctional LCD allows you to monitor your progress, providing such stats as calories burned, speed, distance covered, pulse, and strokes per minute. 

The padded seat comes with a backrest to provide additional lumbar support. The handles are foam padded and the pedals are designed to pivot, helping provide a more natural feel to the row.


  • Stable frame
  • Quiet
  • Back support on seat
  • Large monitor display
  • Pivoting footplates
  • 8 magnetic resistance levels
  • Pulse sensors by seat for use when cycling
  • Can be used for many different exercises
  • Foldable for compact storage


  • No preset program options
  • Seat not adjustable
  • Short warranty periods of three years on frame and just 90 days on parts

Avari Conversion II Rower/Recumbent Bike

Avari Conversion II Rower/Recumbent Bike

If budget is a primary consideration this affordable hybrid machine could be right for you. Sturdily built it has eight magnetic resistance options to select from and runs quietly whether you are rowing or cycling. 

Switching between the two fitness types is straightforward enough, requiring you to simply pull out the pin beneath the seat before adjusting it to your preferred position. This allows for different leg lengths. 

The padded seat has a backrest for extra support and runs smoothly along a ball-bearing roller system.

The monitor displays all the important stats such as time, calories burned, speed and pulse. It also contains an odometer which allows you to track the distance you have managed to complete over the lifetime of the machine. 

Oversized foot pedals and adjustable straps help you feel more secure and that your feet are not going to slip out at any given time. This bike/rower may also be a good solution for those where space is a concern. As well as having only one machine for two fitness disciplines, the bike/rower measures in at just 2ft x 3ft when folded and stored.


  • Strong steel frame and aluminum beam
  • 8 magnetic resistance levels
  • Quiet
  • Affordable price range
  • Adjustable padded seat with backrest
  • Odometer
  • Clear assembly instructions
  • Space-saving when folded


  • No preset workout programs
  • Pulse rate can be inaccurate
  • Limited warranty of 3 years for the frame and 90 days for the parts

ProForm Dual Trainer Bike/Rower

ProForm Dual Trainer Bike/Rower

The ProForm Dual Trainer may be another good option for the budget-conscious as it is classed as an affordable machine. Yet this does not mean it skimps on features and includes 24 preset workout routines, 12 for rowing, and 12 for cycling. 

There are 20 resistance levels on this machine too, employing silent magnetic resistance so you can exercise quietly in either rowing or cycling mode without disturbing the rest of the household. The frame is robust and has a weight capacity of 350lbs, although the seat rail can seem high compared to standard rowers.

The LCD monitor is large, allowing you to keep tabs on all the regular stats such as distance, speed, pulse, and calories burned. It also includes a light indicator system that acts as a target pacer. 

The monitor is battery operated so at least you do not have to worry about locating power sockets before exercising. 

The Dual Trainer can accommodate people up to 6 ft 6” in height, yet its foldable frame still makes it a space saver when it comes to storage after use.


  • 24 preset work-out routines
  • 20 magnetic resistance levels
  • Affordable option
  • Adjustable padded seat with backrest
  • Quiet
  • Suitable for a range of adult sizes
  • 350lb weight capacity
  • Foldable frame
  • Lifetime frame warranty


  • 1-year parts warranty
  • Can feel a little unstable when working out at a hard pace.

Final Thoughts

As 2-in-1 fitness machines, recumbent biker/rowers offer space-saving solutions for those with limited room. You do not have to choose between one machine or the other, instead you can enjoy the benefits of both fitness disciplines from the comfort of your home. 

The magnetic resistance mechanisms provide quiet machines and their foldable designs mean you can conveniently store them away when you have finished your work-out. 

Of the three machines we have looked at here, if value is a principal consideration the ProForm Dual Trainer would be a good choice. While affordably priced this machine still offers:

  • 24 preset work-out routines
  • Increased magnetic resistance settings
  • Larger weight capacity

We will all have our varying priorities when looking for a recumbent bike/rower for the home. Regardless of which machine you ultimately opt for you will be enjoying the dual fitness benefits from rowing and cycling. 

Improving our fitness is one of those things we have a habit of putting off for one more day. With a recumbent bike/rower you can work out from the comfort of your home at any time without worrying about any onlookers.