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Stamina Air Rower Review

While you’ll often find indoor rowers in commercial gyms and fitness centres, they are also ideal exercise machines for home use. Rowing machines provide a low impact workout so they’re easy on your joints, and are also smaller, less cumbersome, cheaper, and quieter to use than treadmills. They also provide a whole body workout – something that cannot be said about exercise bikes.

There are lots of different indoor rowers that are designed specifically for home use and one such machine is the Stamina ATS Air Rower 1399 – usually just called the Stamina Air Rower.

Type and Model

The Stamina Air Rower is, as the name suggests, a rowing machine that uses air resistance rather than springs or hydraulics. It does this with a large semi-open fan which is driven by a nylon rowing strap.

Designed for light commercial and home use, the Stamina Air Rower is built on a strong steel frame designed to be sturdy and long-lasting. The frame is actually covered by Stamina’s three-year warranty.

The rower itself is 77” long, 18” wide, 22” high, and weighs 54 lbs. Fitted with wheels for easy moving, the Air Rower can also be folded for compact storage and also features a performance monitor to track your workout.

Features and Functions

Considering the Air Rower is a budget-friendly exercise machine, it offers an impressive number of features, many of which are normally only found on more expensive products. These features include:

  • Sliding seat—padded and upholstered for comfort; engineered to slide easily
  • Large footplates—accommodate any size user
  • Adjustable nylon foot straps—hold feet securely in place
  • Over-sized seat rail—supports smooth-sliding seat
  • Textured grips—keep hands stable & comfortable while rowing
  • Built-in wheels—ensure easy portability
  • Foldable frame—makes storage simpler
  • Nylon rowing strap—chosen for strength
  • Floor protectors—safeguard your workout area and prevent movement during use
  • Angled seat rail—enables easy seat return
  • Multi-function electronic performance monitor

The electronic performance monitor displays information about your workout and measures your speed, the number of calories burnt, distance travelled and duration of your workout.

Price and Value

The Stamina Air Rower uses the same technology as the very well-known Concept 2 brand of rowing machines – air resistance – but costs considerably less. While the Air Rower might not have all the bells and whistles of the Concept 2 it represents excellent value for money.

The three-year frame warranty is accompanied by a 90-day parts warranty and, while a little home assembly is required on receipt, for less than one-third of the price of a commercial rower, you could soon be exercising happily in your own home without having to dip too deeply into your savings.

Final Thoughts on the Stamina Air Rower 

Budget rowers designed for home use are often flimsy, uncomfortable, or lack many of the features necessary for an enjoyable workout. The Stamina Air Rower bucks this trend and is surprisingly high quality considering the price. Some users say the Stamina Air Rower can be a little noisy in use – especially at high speed – but at this price point that’s a problem that can easily be ignored.