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Waterrower Natural
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WaterRower is one of the top rowing machine manufacturers in the world and while their rowers aren’t cheap, they are certainly unique – both in looks and function. They even sound unlike any other rowing machine currently in the market. But is a WaterRower for you? Maybe!

Type and Model

The WaterRower Natural is so-called because its’ unique wooden frame is not obscured with coloured stains or dyes which sop the natural beauty of the wood can shine through. Using WaterRowers’ unique water flywheel, comprised of paddles sealed inside a water-filled drum, the Natural provides a very realistic rowing sensation which is enhanced by the “swooshing” sounds made by the paddles as you row.
It really does feel and sound like you are rowing on water!

There are no settings to change to adjust the rowing resistance either; the harder you pull, the greater the resistance – just like “real” rowing.

Like all WaterRowers, the Natural is a solid, study machine and is 82.25” long, 22.25” wide and 20” height. It’s also quite heavy and weighs 66.5 lbs. when the water tank is empty and 103.5 lbs. when the tank is full. However, despite its’ size, the WaterRower Natural can still be easily stood vertically when not in use to save space.

Features and Functions

The most obvious features of the WaterRower Natural, and what separates it from every other rowing machine on the market, is its’ gorgeous solid ash wood frame and the large water-filled container that provides the resistance. These features are unique to all WaterRowers and are really what makes them so great.

However, the wood/water combination is not just about good looks; they’re also very functional too. The slight flex of the wood absorbs much of the noise and the water drum is also very quiet in use. This is a good machine if you want to exercise without disturbing your neighbours.

Other features include:

  • Honey oak stain to bring out the beauty of the wood
  • Danish oil finish preserving the wood
  • Strap drive instead of the usual chain drive for quieter performance
  • Flexible, adjustable footplates and straps
  • Coated, padded handle for comfort and grip
  • Molded, contoured seat
  • Series 4 performance monitor

The series 4 (S4) performance monitor is like having a rowing coach on hand for each and every workout. As well as displaying vital performance information such as speed, distance, time, and strokes per minute, the S4 will also display your heart rate and advise you of how long you have spent inside and outside your heart rate training zone. It comes complete with several preprogrammed workouts and you can create and save your own too. You can also link the S4 Monitor to your PC for access to a wide variety of third-party and open-source software.

Price and Value

WaterRowers are at the expensive end of the rowing machine spectrum but it is a case of getting what you pay for. The Natural isn’t cheap but WaterRowers are notoriously hardwearing and long-lasting – there is very little on them that will ever go wrong. Backed with an Initial 3-year frame warranty and a one-year parts warranty which can be extended to five years for the frame and three for the components with registration, it’s safe to say that the WaterRower Natural is a good, long-term investment.

Final Thoughts on the WaterRower Natural

If you want a rowing machine that looks stunning, is enjoyable to use, comes loaded with features, and provides a very realistic rowing experience, the WaterRower Natural could be just what you are looking for. While a little on the expensive side, the Natural will last a lifetime, even under heavy use. This is a great machine for serious rowers who want a machine that looks as good as it performs.

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Waterrower Natural