Schwinn crewmaster rower Review

Schwinn Crewmaster Rowing Machine
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A machine that has quietly been making a name for itself as a low-priced alternative in the magnetic market, it’s clear why a model with these specs and at this price would sell well. That said, low price doesn’t always equal value, so my goal here is to determine whether it really does provide great bang for your buck, or if its price isn’t the only thing that’s cheap about it.
  • Good value
  • Easy to assemble
  • Almost silent rowing action
  • Ergonomic and comfortable design
  • Manual resistance selection
  • Extremely basic and limited display
  • Quite chunky and difficult to store
  • Cheap feel to the pull cable

Resistance Type

The Schwinn Crewmaster rower is powered by the most recent type of resistance to hit the market, magnetic resistance. This is a technology that utilizes the attraction between multiple sets of magnets to create a resistance for you to row against.

Similar to most other types of rowers, the magnetic variety still utilizes a flywheel. However, instead of it pulling air in, to create a naturally occurring resistance, it is located in a completely sealed casing, where the sets of magnets each create resistance in their pairs that the flywheel has to work against.

Most newer models (such as the Hydrow) will have the resistance controlled on a touch screen, but it is sometimes done with a button or a dial. The magnets provide greater resistance the closer they are together, so simply adjusting the distance between them will determine how hard of a workout you can achieve.

This gives you much more specificity in your workouts and makes it easier to compare one session with another.

However, even with all of that, the most popular feature of magnetic rowers is still the fact that they generate little to no noise while you are using them. 

Water and air rowers are notorious for the massive amount of noise they produce while in operation, so switching to the magnetic variety gives the user the ability to use them at any time, day or night, without disturbing others or even giving themselves a headache.

Technical Specifications

  • Weight – 99 Pounds
  • Length – 57.5 Inches
  • Height – 38 Inches
  • Width – 10.5 Inches
  • Frame Material – Metal
  • 10 Levels Of Resistance


The Schwinn Crewmaster comes fitted with a rudimentary single-color LCD screen. While basic in nature, it is sufficient to provide the essential data that most casual or new rowers will need, to ensure successful tracking and progression of their workouts. The data it provides includes calories burned, distance covered, pulse rate, recovery time, stroke number, stroke speed, and the time you have rowed for.

Schwinn Crewmaster monitor

On top of the information it provides, it is also quite a large screen, ensuring the data is clearly visible while you are rowing, so you don’t have to stop to check it. Its adjustable height and distance also make it perfect for rowers of all shapes and sizes to adjust into a position that allows them to comfortably view it throughout their session.

Unfortunately, one glaring function it is missing is any pre-stored programs, which are common on most rowers of this price range. This means that you will constantly be forced to come up with your own plans which, while alright for some, can be frustrating for many users who need a little more inspiration.

But fear not, we have you covered with various workouts you can follow

Build Quality

When looking at the frame, seat, and console of the Schwinn Crewmaster, everything seems fairly sturdy and well built.

Schwinn Crewmaster rower build quality

That said, one complaint that does come up is the quality of the cable the handle is attached to. While there aren’t frequent reports of breakages, it is a part of the machine that seems to be made from a cheaper, substandard material.

While possibly not a major issue, it could potentially shorten the product’s life further down the line.

Comfort And Capacity

Schwinn Crewmaster seat

The Schwinn Crewmaster rowing machine comes with a large, padded, ergonomically designed seat, a cambered rubber handle, and substantial, adjustable footplates. This all goes a long way to making it a comfortable product to use, regardless of how often or how long you use it.

It is made even more enjoyable by the adjustable screen, which ensures you can sit in a comfortable position and don’t have to hunch over to see the screen as you row.

However, one slight drawback is its weight capacity of 300 pounds. While this will be sufficient for most people likely to use it, it will still limit people such as bodybuilders and powerlifters, who could be potential clients, as they often weigh over that limit.


With a large, complex piece of machinery such as this, the prospect of putting it together yourself can be daunting.

Thankfully, the Schwinn Crewmaster comes in two pieces, that are quick and easy to join together. Everything you need, including all fixings, comes in a single package, so you don’t have the hassle of finding tools, buying parts, or discarding excessive packaging.

This is simply a click-and-go scenario that you can use pretty much straight out of the box, with no fuss or time-wasting involved.


With rowing machines being such bulky items, having space to use them and store them when they are not in use is a major consideration when buying one.

The good news is that the Crewmaster is designed to fold away for storage when you aren’t using it. It even has wheels so that it can be easily and safely moved to wherever you plan to keep it.

Unfortunately, the bad news is that it is quite a fiddly procedure to get it folded away, and then even when you do, it is such a large design that you will still require a reasonable amount of space to keep it in.


When it comes to confidence in your purchase, the Schwinn Crewmaster rowing machine provides a number of warranties and guarantees that should go a long way to put your mind at ease.

Firstly, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means that you are completely free to return the rower within the first month of purchase, no matter the reason, even if you simply don’t like it, and you will be granted a full refund. That makes it a completely risk-free purchase, at least in the short term.

Beyond that, it comes with a 10 year warranty on the frame, a 3 year warranty on all parts, and even a 1 year warranty on labor, meaning if anything breaks in the first year they will have an engineer actually fix it for you, instead of just sending you the parts.

With all of this, it should not only give you peace of mind that you won’t have to be constantly shelling out for repairs or replacements but also demonstrates the company’s confidence in their products ability to last the distance, as they would not offer such cover if they were expecting it to end up costing them.

Price And Value

Magnetic rowers tend to rank among the most expensive options when it comes to rowing machines, as the technology is relatively new and so has not developed as many budget options as the other varieties.

That said, the Schwinn Crewmaster is still quite an affordable piece of kit for most. Granted, it is not as cheap as some basic air or hydraulic options you will come across, but if you are particularly looking for one of the magnetic variety, then you will be hard-pressed to find a cheaper or better value option than this one.


If you like this rower, you may be interested in seeing what other Schwinn company products have to offer. Unfortunately in terms of rowers, the Schwinn Crewmaster is currently their only offering (replacing the former Schwinn Windrigger model).

However, you are not limited to a brand of course, and can check out the best rowers on offer here. For the price of this rower, I would strongly suggest taking a look at the Concept2 Model D. If you’re willing to pay a little bit extra you can land yourself a much better machine. And if you’re still put off by the price you can follow our guide to buying a used Concept2 rower and find yourself a great deal.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, our Schwinn Crewmaster rower review. Overall, you are looking at a solid product that does everything you would expect from a more basic rower. With this being a magnetic machine, it also proves to be of good value, as it is very affordable compared to most rowers in this category.

The seat and handle make it a comfortable product to use and its ease of assembly means you won’t struggle to get it up and running, even if you have never attempted to put something like this together before.

The warranties are also a nice safety net, as you know you are covered if anything does go wrong, so the main drawback of the cheap cord should not put you off too much.

Combine that with the 30-day money-back guarantee and I think you will agree the Schwinn Crewmaster is well worth giving a shot, as you literally have nothing to lose if it turns out that it’s not the rower for you.

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Schwinn Crewmaster Rowing Machine