Kettler Favorit Review

Kettler Favorit discontinued
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Kettler is an award-winning German company that has been manufacturing products for the leisure industry since 1949. They make a wide variety of exercise equipment including ellipticals, exercise bikes, strength training equipment, exercise balls, and a range of rowing machines. The Kettler Favorit is one of their most popular indoor rowers.
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Compact and easily stored
  • Comes with heart rate monitoring
  • Quiet in use
  • Resistance levels are not consistent
  • Outdated by today’s standards
  • High maintenance required
  • Changing the resistance level is a hassle


Kettler has discontinued the Kettler Favorit. Although you may still be able to purchase it from some retailers or second-hand you can no longer purchase the product from Kettler. Please check out our best alternative rowing machines to find another model.

Kettler has a good reputation for creating highly durable machines and as a company, has years of experience in the fitness industry. Though now their line of rowers seem to focus mainly on higher-end models that come with a high price tag, in the past they were known for creating products for those with a budget in the mid-range. 

Type and Model

Woman using Kettler Favorit

The Kettler Favorit indoor rower is a strong and sturdy rowing machine that is suitable for light commercial or home use. This hydraulic rower does look pretty dated when compared with the more modern rowers you see today, but with its skulling motion of rowing, that may be part of its charm. 

The Favorit uses two large-capacity hydraulic cylinders for resistance offering a wide range of workout settings. Lever arms are attached to the cylinders to provide a smooth workout experience and keep the rowing mechanism simple. This helps keep the weight of the rower down.

However, this type of resistance is not suited to heavy usage as the level of resistance drops once the oil in the cylinder warms up. This is not ideal if you want to use the machine for longer than 15 minutes and on a regular basis. 

The rowing stroke feels okay. That is, it’s smooth enough and actually does a good job considering the price. It’s not as smooth as the Kettler Kadett but there is a big price jump if you want to purchase that model. 

Since both models are now discontinued you may be able to purchase them second hand for a good price somewhere like eBay or Facebook Marketplace. 

Overall the machine is quite small so larger or taller users may find it quite difficult to use comfortably. Other than that users should have no complaints. The seat is comfortable and the footplates feel secure. 

Despite being strong and sturdy and rated for users weighing up to 250 lbs. the Kettler Favorit is small and compact and weighs in at only 52 lbs.

When not in use, the Favorit can be folded flat but even when in use measures only 52” long x 32” wide x 10” high.

The Kettler Favorit indoor rowing machine is also fitted with a performance monitor so you can track the details of your workout.

Features and Functions

Like most light commercial and home-use rowing machines, the Kettler Favorit is quite basic. However, it still has a number of features and functions that are worth mentioning…

  • 50 different resistance settings
  • Biomechanically correct adjustable footplates and straps
  • Strong hydraulic cylinders for a quiet but challenging workout
  • Moulded, padded seat for comfort
  • Infrared earlobe clip sensor measures pulse rate electronically
  • Lifetime frame warranty 3-year parts and electronics warranty
  • LCD performance display

The LCD performance display, powered by two AA batteries, records information about your workout including time, distance, calories burnt, speed, stroke rate, and heart rate. With an optional connectivity kit, it is also compatible with Polar and other telemetric heart rate monitors.

Kettler Kadett monitor

I have to admit the monitor is very basic but considering the Favorit’s price and age that is to be expected. It’s never going to compare with the likes of Concept2 or newer connected rowers such as the Ergatta and Hydrow

Technical Specifications

  • Resistance type: Hydraulic Piston
  • Dimensions:49” x 31” x 10”
  • Max user weight: 250lbs
  • Machine weight: 50lbs
  • Storage space: Non-folding
  • Warranty: Lifetime on frame/3 Years on parts and electronics

Price and Value

The Kettler Favorit is not exactly a budget rower but that’s because it is well built and designed to deliver good workouts for many years to come. Strong and sturdy, very few low-cost rowers come with a built-in heart rate monitor which helps to raise the Kettler Favorit above the standard of many of its’ competitors.

Its long guarantee means that the Favorit is a smart buy if you want a simple but hardwearing home exercise machine. It might not deliver the most realistic rowing experience, hydraulic rowers seldom do, but it will help you lose weight and get fit in the comfort of your own home.

Final Thoughts on the Kettler Favorit

The Kettler Favorit is a traditionally styled hydraulic rowing machine that is ideal for home use. Light and easy to store between workouts, it’s a good choice if you are unable to dedicate large amounts of space to exercise. Relatively cheap, built with good quality materials, and designed to last and last, the Kettler Favorit is a good choice for the budget-conscious exerciser who still wants to buy a decent rowing machine.

If you are new to fitness and looking for some light exercise, elderly, and or lacking full mobility then you may want to consider this machine. For the price you could probably get it for it would do a job. However, today there are just far better machines than this, and I would recommend that you look for a better rowing machine