Kettler Rowing Machines

Kettler is a German manufacturing company that was started in 1949. Their first products were folding camping tables and chairs but they soon branched out into manufacturing exercise equipment. Like so many things designed and manufactured in Germany – think Audi, BMW, and Mercedes cars – Kettler’s line of fitness equipment is very high quality. This build quality is reflected in the three-year guarantee provided with Kettler rowing machines.

Currently, Kettler produces two different lines of rowing machines – those using electromagnetic resistance and those using hydraulics.

The Kettler Rower is Kettler’s entry-level rowing machine. Ideally suited to home use, this machine folds up for easy storage and is, according to the manufacturer, designed for light usage. The Rower is fitted with a performance monitor which displays time, distance traveled, calories burnt, and strokes per minute. It will also measure your pulse via an ear clip and the machine offers eight resistance settings.

Slightly more robust, the Kettler Stroker is a little more expensive than the Rower but has virtually the same functions and features as the Rower. It too is foldable for easy storage.

The Kettler Coach is Kettler’s top-of-the-line electromagnetic rower and offers ten levels of resistance plus a much more functional performance monitor. Longer to accommodate a fuller stroke and taller users, the Coach is built for heavier usage but is still not really suitable for a commercial setting. This machine can also be used to perform a variety of strength training exercises which makes it ideal if you have limited space and want to do both cardio and muscle conditioning workouts. For extra space-saving, the Coach can be stood on its end when not in use.

In addition to their electromagnetic range, Kettler also makes rowers that use hydraulics – the Favorit and the Kadett.

The Kettler Favorit is something of a rowing throwback in terms of design. You sit on a sliding seat between two-handled levers which are attached to hydraulic cylinders. You then push with your legs and pull the handles through an arc toward you. Because of where the levers are attached, the handles start low by your feet but then arc upward to your chest. The Kadett is supplied with a seven-function performance monitor although heart rate is measured via a slightly obtrusive ear sensor. When not in use, the Favorit is easily folded flat for storage under a bed or in a closet.

The Kettler Kadett looks nothing like any other rower currently available but more like a sculling boat as it uses an outrigger system. This means that the rowing action closely resembles rowing a real boat and both “oars” work independently. There are 12-levels of resistance which can be adjusted very easily and a performance monitor makes keeping track of your workouts very easy. Like the Favorit, the Kadett, thanks to its hydraulics, is very quiet in use which makes it suitable for the home.

Kettler’s range of rowers is ideal for moderate to heavy home use with the Coach and the Kadett being the best of the bunch. Quiet in use and very well made, these machines represent good value for money.