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The Lit Method Strength Machine, along with the Lit Method program that accompanies it, has been getting a lot of traction lately. The machine claims to be a hybrid of a rower and a Pilates Reformer, allowing you to do strength training, cardio, and physical therapy all on one machine. 

The people behind Lit Method are a couple of passionate fitness entrepreneurs. Justin and Taylor Norris are a couple in the relationship as well as the business sense. In just a few short years, they’ve carved out a niche in the fiercely competitive fitness space with their Lit Method training system and strength training machine.

In this article, I’ve brought together all the data I could find about Justin and Taylor’s company: Lit Method. 

Breakdown of the LIT Method information you can find on this page:

Lit Method Company Background

Lit Method was born in 2016 when Justin and Taylor Norris opened a fitness studio in West Hollywood, Los Angeles. There they developed a unique workout method that did away with weights, running, and jumping and replaced them with rowing and resistance band training. Their philosophy of ‘building bodies, not breaking them’ caught on and the low-impact training techniques they employed found a ready market.

In 2018, the couple developed the Lit Strength Machine, a 3-in-1 rower, reformer, and strength trainer. The idea was to allow home users to get the same low-impact high results type of workouts that members of their studio were achieving. The machine allows you to do 500 different exercises, including rowing, cardio, barre, strength training, physical therapy, pilates, and more. 

The Lit Strength Machine was launched onto the market in 2020. The following year Lit Method announced an investment from Marcy Venture Partners, which was founded by Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter, Jay Brown, and Larry Marcus, as well as an investment from five-time MLB All-Star, Adrian Gonzalez. This allowed Justin and Taylor to scale the business.

In 2022, Lit Method released Lit Axis, a small portable resistance band system that replaces a cable system, free weights, suspension trainer, and a pilates reformer,

There is also a Lit Method app that offers premium smart training online. As a subscriber, you can track your repetitions, total volume, time under tension, earn milestones, track your classes, and pick customized programs tailored to your goals.

Sources: LIT Method

Lit Method Revenue

Lit Method has had two funding rounds. The first was on April 27, 2021, with the most recent being on May 19, 2022. The 2021 venture round resulted in two investors coming on board – Marcy Venture Partners and Adrian Gonzales. 

The 2022 Series A Funding Round saw a third investor, Rachel Zoe Ventures, come on board. The total investment capital raised to date is $5 million.

  • Lit Method currently has 25 employees
  • The Lit Method website has an average of 7,171 monthly visitors
  • 81% of website visitors come from the United States
  • The monthly visits growth is -57%

Source: Crunchbase 

Lit Method Products & Services

The Lit Method website sells a range of training gear designed around the Lit Method training system.

Strength Machine

The main product that Lit Method sells is the 3-in-1 strength machine. It is an all-in-one water rower, pilates reformer, and strength trainer. The machine offers 500+ low-impact exercises including rowing, cardio, barre, strength training, physical therapy, pilates, and more.

The rowing component of the machine uses a water tank resistance and claims to be the only rower on the market that uses 100% of your muscles. The strength trainer provides up to 200 lbs of power band resistance and metrics that track your reps, resistance loads, and time under tension.

The Strength Machine retails for $1799.

Lit Axis

Lit Method calls Lit Axis the world’s smallest smart gym. It is a portable smart resistance band training system that replaces your cable system, free weights, suspension trainer, and Pilates reformer. Lit Axis uses built-in sensors that track your metrics and customize your workouts based on your goals.

Lit Axis retails for $199.


Lit Method sells the following accessories on its website:

  • Pilates Mat
  • Machine Mat
  • Strength Bar
  • Power Bands
  • Heart Rate Sensor
  • Machine Cover
  • Ankle 
  • Machine Battle Ropes
  • Ankle Cuffs
  • Lower Body Bundle
  • Rowing Sensor
  • Universal Axis Anchor

Lit Method App

The Lit Method App costs $9.99 per month or $79 annually. This gives you access to thousands of live and on-demand classes consisting of strength training, Pilates, rowing, and many other types of workouts. You also get progress tracking, performance reporting, and earn milestones for achievements. Programs last for 1-4 weeks and are focused on injury prevention. 

Source: LIT Method

Wrap Up

That’s about all the info I could find on Lit Method. Suffice to say, this is an up-and-coming company that’s definitely worth keeping your eye on. The injection of funds from the likes of Jay-Z and Adrian Gonzales has provided Taylor and Justin with the security and capital to roll out new equipment and further expand the reach of the Lit Method training system. I predict big things for this power couple!

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