Concept 2 Row Erg, Model E And Dynamic: What’s The Difference?

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Concept 2 are the original innovators of home indoor rowing machines and their Concept 2 rower has stood the test of time as the most popular air rower on the market. It has gone through a number of iterations, with the Row Erg (formerly the Model D) being the current top performer.

Concept 2 Row Erg vs Model E vs Dynamic

The Concept 2 Row Erg is a commercial-grade rower that you can have in your home gym for around a thousand dollars. That represents very good value for a premium rower. The durable construction and streamlined appeal have made the Row Erg popular in gyms and rowing clubs around the world. The low profile of this rower provides a more natural rowing position, with the damper allowing you to adjust the airflow.

The monitor is another strength of the Row Erg, featuring PM5 performance monitor technology, which delivers accurate comparable data on every row, allowing you to compare your performances. Adjustable footrests, an ergonomic handle, and the quick-release frame-lock mechanism for ease of storage are other highlights of this impressive rower.

How much does a new Concept 2 rowing machine cost?

The Concept 2 Row Erg is the lowest priced of the 3 indoor rowing machines that Concept currently has on the market. Depending on where you buy it and the deal on offer, you should pay between $900 and $1000. The Model E will nudge that price up to between $1,00 and $1,200. If you purchase the Dynamic Model, expect to pay around $1,300.

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Is there a difference in Concept 2 build quality

The durability of any rowing machine is largely dependent on the strength of its frame. The Row Erg’s frame is made from an amalgamation of welded steel and aluminum. However, the other two models use only welded steel, which makes their frames stronger. That doesn’t mean, however, that your Row Erg is compromised for home use. It is still durable enough to provide you with many years of faithful service!

Seat height is an important indoor rowing machine feature. The lower it is to the ground, the more difficulty you will have in getting into position. The Row Erg provides the lowest seat height at 14 inches. This may be a problem if you have difficulty bending over. The Model E brings the seat height up by nearly half again to 20 inches. The Dynamic offers the highest seat of all, at 21.5 inches.

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The Concept 2 Row Erg is fitted with a nickel-plated steel chain. It is only partially enclosed, while the Concept E chain, which is otherwise identical, is fully enclosed to offer a greater level of chain protection. Both chains require only infrequent oiling. The cord on the Dynamic model is of higher quality, being made of high strength, lightweight synthetic material. You will find that this cord feels more natural and is more responsive to the rower’s movement. 

All three models of the Concept 2 indoor rowing machine are fitted with PM5 performance monitors. This technology features both Bluetooth and ANT+ wireless so that you can connect with almost any fitness device.

How does the concept 2 dynamic work?

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Bottom Line

The Concept 2 Row Erg indoor rower is the cheapest of the three rowers put out by Concept. It provides exceptional quality and performance, along with some pretty impressive workout tracking capabilities. Your purchase is backed by a 5-year frame warranty. The Row Erg would make a worthy addition to any home gym.

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